Homily by the Apostolic Nuncio Msgr Jean-Marie Speich at the Episcopal Consecration of the Bishop of Celje, Msgr Maksimilijan Matjaž

30.4.2021 Gornji grad Škofija Celje
Msgr. Jean-Marie Speich - Foto: zaslonski posnetek TV Slovenija

Maksimiljan Matjaž received a calling to the episcopal ministry. Vocation is a Christian state as Jesus Christ sent apostles into the world to preach to all nations. The apostles later chose other men and passed on to them the Holy Spirit and the fullness of the sacrament. Thus, the succession of bishops from generation to generation was preserved. In the person of a Bishop, the eternal priest Christ is present among us and through the episcopal ministry, He continues to proclaim the good news and distribute the sacraments to the faithful. We welcome brother Maksimilijan. In him, we should see the servant of Christ and the keeper of the mysteries of God. Bishop's actions must be like the actions of the apostles in the gospel of the Spirit.

Being a bishop is not an honour but a ministry to be performed. The first task of a Bishop is to be helpful to his people, for the holiness of all. A Bishop must cast out evil spirits; he is the successor of the apostles. He should remain simple and accessible, and close to everyone. He should offer them eternal life, preach according to the times and contrary to the times, encourage, and take care of teaching. His homilies should be brief, clear and straightforward. He should give believers access to the Word. Through prayer and sacrifice, he should intercede for the people, be a caretaker of the mysteries of Christ, a guide and a faithful guardian. He should be like the good shepherd.

A bishop should love as father and brother and should not be afraid. He should invite Christians to participate in apostolic work, encourage constructive dialogue and cooperation, take care of the young and listen to them. He should entrust many responsibilities to lay believers. He should not forget that he is a member of the College of Bishop, and should be faithful to the Holy Father. He should also take care of other churches and offer help to those who need it. He should take care of the whole flock of the Lord of which the Holy Spirit has made him Bishop and lead the Church of God in the name of the Father, the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. He should be a man of faith and prayer.