Encouragement of Slovenian bishops for Advent 2020

29.11.2020 Cerkev v Sloveniji Advent, Božič, Družina, SŠK
Foto - Družina

The COVID-19 epidemic, which has changed our lives and the way we celebrate church holidays, will mark this year's Advent season. Bishops invite all Catholics to strengthen their prayer and faith within their families.

Advent wreath

Before the 1st Advent Sunday, which will be on November 29 this year, let us make an Advent wreath and place it in a prominent place in our home. Light a new candle every week, pray and you will sense that the light is ever-growing. The light is Christ, who illuminates our days and brings us hope.


In this year's Advent, go to holy confession in your parish and ask your priest to for Holy Communion outside the Holy Mass.


In the period before Christmas, we invite believers to strengthen personal and family prayer (before and after meals, Angelus, rosary, prayer for health during the epidemic, etc.), revive old Christian Slovene devotions, such as prayer at the Advent wreath and Mary the Pilgrim and read the Bible more often. Let us join the Holy Father Francis, who asks for the blessing of the poor and neglected.


The manger is an integral and indispensable part of the Slovenian cultural heritage, which has marked our Christmas celebration for centuries. This year's Advent season, therefore, should be dedicated to making homemade manger.

Blessing of home

On Christmas Eve, December 24, let us bless our homes. Get some blessed water from your Church or your priest. Bless your apartments or houses along with singing and praying: First, turn on the lights on your Christmas tree and lit the candle at the manger. Sing Christmas carols. Read a passage from the Bible that speaks of the birth of Jesus. Make some personal requests and then bless the manger and the apartment or house. Conclude with Our Father and sing a Christmas carol.


Advent should be a time of silence, inner peace, prayer and serenity, as this is the only way to experience the Christmas holidays truly.


In anticipation of the birth of Jesus, we remember the poor, the neglected, the sick, and the lonely. With your donations, support the work of charities and institutions that help the weakest and marginalized within the Catholic Church.

Bishops invite all Catholics to avoid visiting each other during this year's Advent season, and to show attention and closeness to their loved ones by a phone call or written greeting. This year, you should give priority to spiritual and family values. Slovenian bishops pray especially for everyone suffering from the disease, the relatives of the victims of the COVID-19 epidemic and the health workers. They selflessly and devotedly help our citizens. May Advent be a time of peace, solidarity and unity for the common good of our homeland and the Church.

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