3rd March for Life Draws Crowds

2.10.2021 Ljubljana Civilna družba, Družina, Življenje
Foto: Družina

Human life is inviolable was the motto of this year's third March for Life in Slovenia, which took place on October 2, 2021, in Ljubljana. Over 700 people gathered there to celebrate life and show through songs and testimonies that every human being is a gift from God. A special guest was the Archbishop of Ljubljana, Metropolitan and President of the Slovenian Bishops' Conference, Msgr Stanislav Zore.

Pope Francis often invites us to the periphery, and unborn children are the greatest periphery, according to Archbishop Stanislav Zore. "And that's why we're here today - at least I'm here today to give a voice to these children and slowly start to awaken society, that the right to life is a right that doesn't start when you are born or when you reach a certain age, but it is a right to a life that begins when a child is conceived. And now we are going to this periphery."Songs, words of gratitude and celebration of life echoed through the streets of Ljubljana today. They were not stopped even by a few gathered opponents of life expressing great distress and, according to some participants in March for Life, seeking above all our prayer. This was confirmed by the spontaneous testimony of a lady who had an abortion on doctors' recommendation more than thirty years ago. "Today, my child would be 35 years old; he is alive, with God in heaven, but I know that if I had what is here today, I would not have had an abortion then. Today, I would like to advise people to do the same because I had very severe nightmares 13 years after the abortion." She found peace when she gave the child a name at a confession.

And to minimize such suffering and for everyone to have the right to life, the Marches for Life, as it was in Ljubljana, is taking place worldwide. "Today, we have gathered here in a large number because we would like to give public support, love, respect and solidarity to all unborn children. We also want to be a voice and support to all those parents who are in need. We are also here to inform Slovenia that abortion takes a human life," said Urša Cankar Soares, the leader of the March for Life.

And the testimony of a young boy who has two more brothers and a sister - they were born as quadruplets. "Today, I am grateful to God and especially to my mother that she opted for life. It could easily be gone, or one of my two brothers or my sisters could. But I can't imagine any of us missing. I came here today to celebrate life, and I am grateful for life. Thank you also to all of you for coming together."