St. Joseph, the patron saint of the universal Church, who taught Jesus himself, is a reliable intercessor. God enters the human heart, so catechesis is always about the heart and only after that about our abilities. Let God enter into our catechetical plans. The SCO will operate to the best of its ability. You are invited to participate because in unity, there is power; in unity, there is God.

9.9.2021 Cerkev v Sloveniji COVID19, SŠK

Based on valid ordinances, the Slovenian bishops adopted the following instructions for the period from 9 September 2021 onwards:

1. All priests and believers should intensify prayer for the sick and the end of the epidemic.

2. For religious ceremonies in churches and outdoors, the distance between the participants must be at least 1.5 meters (except between persons from the common household).

3. Religious rites may be performed only if the following conditions are met:

It is necessary to ensure the minimum possible contact between the participants.

Regular aeration / ventilation of rooms (e.g. open windows) in which religious freedom is collectively exercised is mandatory.

The use of protective masks inside churches is mandatory; outside it is mandatory only if it is not possible to provide 1.5 meters of mutual distance.

It is obligatory to disinfect hands when entering and leaving enclosed spaces in which religious freedom is collectively exercised.

4. Folk and choral singing in churches is allowed.

5. The provision of religious or spiritual education and training is permitted if the persons who provide religious or spiritual education and training meet the condition of the PCT. Similarly, the PCT condition is prescribed for all religious students and participants, except for children under 12 years of age. Children and other participants after the age of 12 must meet the PCT requirement.

6. Believers may receive Holy Communion outside the Holy Mass; priests should invite to communion their faithful who could not attend the Holy Mass.

7. The sacraments of confession, baptism, marriage and other worship may be celebrated with reasonable observance of the provisions for Holy Masses.

8. The granting of sick anointing is permitted subject to government ordinances and the National Institute of Health recommendations.

9. Church funerals are permitted in accordance with the instructions of the municipal services and regulations of the government and the National Institute of Health.

10. A parish office may be open if there is only one person in the office at a time besides the priest or members of the same household.

Msgr Stanislav Zore, Metropolitan Archbishop of Ljubljana and President of SBC

Msgr Alojzij Cvikl, Metropolitan Archbishop of Maribor and Vice President of SBC

Msgr Dr Jurij Bizjak, Bishop of Koper

Msgr Andrej Glavan, administrator of the diocese of Novo mesto

Msgr Dr Maksimilijan Matjaž, Bishop of Celje

Msgr Dr Peter Štumpf, Bishop of Murska Sobota