SBC Strives for Investigation of Explosion in Ljubljana-Rudnik Parish

23.1.2021 Ljubljana Kristjanofobija, Škofija Ljubljana
Pastoralni dom in cerkev župnije Ljubljana-Rudnik - Foto: Župnija Ljubljana-Rudnik

On Saturday, January 23, 2021, around 7 pm, an unknown perpetrator blew up an unidentified homemade explosive device in the parking lot in front of the cemetery and behind the pastoral home of Ljubljana-Rudnik parish.

Parts and particles exploded, leaving stains on the building and damaging it in some places. Fortunately, none of the believers was injured, but the act endangered their safety. Criminal investigators arrived at the scene and have already initiated proceedings against the unknown perpetrator. At SBC, we decisively reject all forms of violence and intolerance and call on the corresponding state institutions to investigate the circumstances of the said criminal offence.

Dr Tadej Jakopič

SBC spokesperson