Political crisis threatens our common future

16.1.2013 Ljubljana Država, SŠK
Nadškof Anton Stres - foto - SŠK

We are deeply concerned about the political crisis that has emerged in Slovenia and is now threatening the efforts and accomplishments of the governing coalition as well as the reforms that we all know are crucial for economic recovery and stabilization of society. Not so long ago it seemed we as a country were making good progress. Many economists are warning us of the grave consequences we are facing as individuals and as a country if the credibility of economic reforms and political stability of the country were shaken again. We therefore urge all political actors who are making fateful decisions these days that they resolutely put first the common good of all citizens and of all national and political communities, and that they immediately find a solution to the crisis that will preserve the reforms already in place and develop them further in the right direction. Only this can lead us out of the negative state of affairs that has resulted from two decades of an only partially successful transition from the totalitarian regime to a democratic country with social justice and the rule of law.

We invite all fellow citizens of faith to join us in ardent prayers for our country.

Msgr. Anton Stres, Ph. D.
Metropolitan Archbishop of Ljubljana
President of the Slovenian Episcopal Conference