Notice to Priests on Health Inspections in Individual Churches

23.12.2020 Cerkev v Sloveniji Cerkev v Sloveniji, COVID19

The Health Inspectorate informed the Slovenian Bishops' Conference that during the Christmas holidays health inspectors would inspect the churches where services will be held (holymasses, prayers, blessings, personal or joint reception of communion, etc.).

Therefore, following the Government decree of December 16, 2020, everyone must observe the National Health Institute and the bishops' instructions, the following provisions must be observed in an organization of worship:

1. Religious rites are allowed only in churches and chapels;

2. When entering and leaving a church, it is necessary to disinfect one's hands;

3. In churches, everyone present must wear masks at all times and maintain a physical distance     of 1.5 meters between them;

4. In churches there can be a maximum of 1 person per 30m2 at a time, while members of the same household are considered one person,

5. Singing is not allowed during religious ceremonies (neither solo nor priest's singing, however, the instrumental accompaniment is permitted),

6. People must not gather outside churches, contrary to the general prohibition of gathering (e.g. listening to masses in front of churches on loudspeakers, organizing masses in yards or squares or lawns),

7. Outside churches, only individual spiritual care is possible (e.g.confession, anointing, receiving Holy Communion),

8. This regulation shall apply from December 19 to December 29, 2020, inclusive.

In the event of possible violations of the Government decree, parishes and their legal representatives will pay the fines.

For additional information, contact the Slovenian Bishops' Conference via e-mail: [email protected]


Dr Tadej Strehovec

Secretary-General of SBC