Notice of Police Directorate Ljubljana to Priests and Other Believers regarding Daring Thefts in Residential Houses

23.6.2021 Ljubljana Cerkev v Sloveniji, Izjava

In the Police Directorate Ljubljana area, criminal offences of daring thefts in residential houses committed by organized groups of unknown perpetrators are recorded almost every day.

Usually, the perpetrators visit elderly victims, for whom they check in advance whether they are home alone. They present themselves as employees of various telecommunications providers or other similar services (Telemach, Telekom, Elektro etc.). They tell them they will perform field inspections to carry out works, check TV signals, modem operation, etc. Victims are often lured to a back garden they do not usually lock, while the rest of the accomplices enter the house and commit theft, mostly money and jewellery.

Crime is escalating. That is why the problem is becoming more acute. Criminal acts occur in the entire area of the Police Directorate Ljubljana and other directorates throughout Slovenia, usually in rural areas and hamlets. The victims are almost always older people.

Citizens are advised to keep their unannounced "visitors" under control at all times and not to invite them into residential areas unnecessarily. When leaving home, even if they "just step around the corner," they should always lock their house and take their key with them. If people pretend to be servicemen, contractors of various works, etc., we advise them to always ask for an identification card or work order. They should also pay attention to the appearance of the persons (their clothes, speech, possible special features) and the vehicle of the persons (make,colour, type and registration numbers). If they still become victims of a crime despite preventive measures, we recommend that they immediately inform the police at number 113 or the nearest police station. They should also call the police if they detect strangers and vehicles in their neighbourhood and they find their behaviour or stay in a particular place suspicious (ifstrangers, for example, observe a facility). If they want to remain anonymous, they can call the anonymous police number 080 1200.

All parish and other priests are kindly requested to communicate this notice to all believers appropriately (e.g. announcements). We truly thank you for your cooperation.

Dr Tadej Jakopič,

SBC spokesperson