Metropolitan Archbishop of Maribor Msgr Alojzij Cvikl to Offer Thanksgiving Holy Mass after Third Wave of COVID-19

Metropolitan Archbishop of Maribor Msgr Alojzij Cvikl will offer a thanksgiving mass after the third wave of COVID-19 in the Home for the Elderly in Tezno – Maribor Saturday, July 17, at 10 am.

With the Holy Sacrifice, we will thank God for the strength in dealing with this disease that has engulfed the entire world. We will pray fervently and thank the personnel of the departmental ministries and the homes for the elderly throughout the Archdiocese, for their professional and human help to the inmates.

In the past year and a half since the pandemic, everyone has alleviated all residents' physical pain and spiritual distress. Sick and healthy.

During the pandemic, the Church helped all those affected spiritually and with works of mercy. It stood by the side of the most afflicted brothers and sisters with prayer and surrounded them with love.

The Church, the travelling people of God into eternity, has been in a unique way close to its members since apostolic times, approaching the final encounter with their Creator. Closeness is one of the main reasons for our gratitude to everyone who shows kindness to the elderly, helping them materially or spiritual.

On thanksgiving mass, we invite everyone to join us spiritually. We will thank God and everyone who alleviate suffering for our elderly, strengthen them with their loving presence and in any way help them to prepare with confidence and joy for the most crucial meeting, the one with their Creator upon entering eternity!

p. Janez Sraka, DJ

Spiritual caretaker of the Home for the elderly in Tezno