Statement: The response of the Archdiocese of Ljubljana to the Untrue Statements of Mr. Marjan Podobnik at Nova24TV

17.10.2020 Ljubljana Medij, Škofija Ljubljana

At the Archdiocese of Ljubljana, we were surprised to hear the statement of Mr. Marjan Podobnik for Nova24TV (October 16, 2020), in which he disqualified and insulted its economist without good reason. In the Archdiocese of Ljubljana, we trust the economist Blaž Gregorc and strongly support him. Improper and false statements serve only to discredit him. We, therefore, demand the revocation of untrue and offensive allegations and a public apology.

 In the spirit of cooperation, church legal entities strive for the new management of the Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia(KGZS) to advocate for a small Slovenian farmer and family farm, with a view to development and nature and forest protection policy comparable to the European and to support the Slovenian food chain for the Slovenian population.

At the Archdiocese of Ljubljana, we will strive for the broadest possible consensus and coordination among the elected members of the KGZS council to achieve these goals. We are convinced that this is the only path to success for all those who depend on agriculture and forestry. 

Msgr. Ph.D. Franc Šuštar

Vicar General