Efforts and Prayers of the Church in Slovenia for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Persons

26.3.2021 Slovenija Zaščita otrok
Dr. Sebastijan Valentan - Foto: Družina

Following the example of other Churches worldwide, Slovenian bishops declared March 26, 2021, a Day of Prayer for Victims of Sexual Abuse. Another evidence that the Catholic Church in Slovenia is aware of the problem is that it sympathizes with the victims of sexual abuse and that the faithful wish to be close to them in prayer that heals and gives strength.

The victims are among us. They have gone through a difficult path in their personal lives and the public when they had to reopen their wound before a court or some other body. We wish the Church to be a safe place for children, the young and vulnerable adults, and finally for everyone to trust and love it. May the Day of Prayer for Victims of Sexual Abuse be one more sign that the Church strives for zero tolerance for sexual abuse. Let it be a sign that it condemns the perpetrators, sympathizes with the victims and that it wishes to concretely help them on their healing path by providing them with therapeutic, pastoral and other assistance.

Let us not forget that each victim has an opportunity to exercise the right to compensation in court proceedings by canon law. On January 13, 2020, Slovenian bishops established a Fund for financing psychological assistance to alleged victims of sexual abuse to provide victims or alleged victims of sexual abuse of Catholic priests, deacons or other religious workers, appropriate professional psychotherapeutic assistance.