An Invitation to Pray During the COVID-19 Epidemic

11.1.2021 Katoliška cerkev v Sloveniji COVID19, SŠK
Foto: Družina

Believers are aware that in times of trial, prayers and supplications to God are a means to overcome difficulties and comfort. As the Lord answered King Hezekiah's prayer and saw his tears (cf. Is 38: 4), today, He promises His believers consolation and support in times of sickness, suffering, and calamity. Prayer first heals a person's heart, full of sorrow and resignation to the existing state. In times of disease, the Gospels do not offer miraculous healers. Still, they point to Jesus Christ, the true God and man, who took upon himself human weakness and healed it with his cross.

During the epidemic, bishops invite all priests, religious men, women, and believers to say the following prayer:

Prayer during the COVID-19 epidemic

Merciful Father,

your Son was born to save us.

Please grant to all those suffering from the epidemic,

health, patience and strength.

In your goodness, comfort the sick and their relatives,

And open our eyes to every distress and help us

Help the suffering with our actions.

May we also experience your closeness in sickness, suffering and trials.

Support healthcare professionals and everyone who takes care of patients.

We ask that vaccines and medicines be made available to all who need them.

To the brothers and sisters who have lost the fight against the disease,

Bestow eternal joy and their relatives the consolation of faith and courage.

Please stop the epidemic,

That we may live in peace and prosperity.

Through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

St. Mary, Health of the Sick – pray for us.

St. Roch, protector against infectious diseases – pray for us.

All you Holy Saints of God – pray for us.


In the liturgy of Eucharistic, we add three prayers of the people:

1. Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on all affected by the coronavirus and other patients (in our homeland) and their relatives.

2. Lord Jesus Christ, support all health professionals to take care of the sick and help them.

3. Lord Jesus Christ, we pray for the state's leaders and all who care for our safety to serve their people wisely and responsibly in difficult times.