Slovenian Bishops Meet Prime Minister Janez Janša

19.4.2021 Ljubljana

On Monday, April 19, 2021, a working meeting of Slovenian bishops with Prime Minister Janez Janša took place in Ljubljana.

It was the first meeting of the Prime Minister with the Slovenian Bishops' Conference. With this meeting, the Prime Minister continues the dialogue he establishes with all major religious communities in Slovenia. The bishops and the Prime Minister highlighted the government's work on the COVID-19 epidemic and the current restrictions on the collective aspect of religious freedom. The bishops expressed the expectation that, given the epidemiological situation, they would soon be allowed to perform religious rituals outdoors and that direct pastoral activity, which is currently still limited, would also be allowed. At the same time, the bishops agreed with the Prime Minister on the importance of vaccination to prevent the epidemic and the implementation of religious freedom. The bishops also exchanged information with the Prime Minister regarding the celebrations on the 30th anniversary of our country's independence and Slovenia's presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Dr Tadej Jakopič

SBC Press Office