Instructions for the Celebration of Holy Masses in the Maribor Metropolis

31.12.2020 Mariborska metropolija COVID19, Škofija Celje, Škofija Maribor, Škofija Murska Sobota

By the decision of the Slovenian Bishops' Conference adopted at the session of the Permanent Council of SBC on December 18, 2020, and reads: "The bishops have decided to consider the epidemiological situation in individual statistical regions", on December 31 2020, the three responsible for individual dioceses of the Maribor metropolis met, reviewed the situation and decided on the following:

1. On Monday, January 4 2021, we are reintroducing worship services in the Maribor metropolis dioceses churches, taking into account the instructions adopted by the bishops on December 18 2020(instructions in point 6).

2. We ask priests to mark spaces in their churches that believers or families can occupy. We also ask priests to adjust the schedules of Holy Masses for the believers to participate. On the day of the Epiphany, each priest can offer four Holy Masses.

3. Priests are advised to consider the epidemiological picture in their town. In parishes, where it is still poor, or the sanctuary is too small, we recommend that priests celebrate Holy Masses on holidays and Sundays only in the presence of the closest associates, or those who have ordered Holy Mass. Other believers should follow Holy Masses online or via other electronic media. In parishes, where the poor epidemiological picture still does not allow priests to celebrate Holy Masses with the believers, they should ensure that they could receive Holy Communion outside the Holy Mass.

4. At Holy Masses, celebrated only by a priest himself and transmitted via the media, an organist and a soloist may participate. At holy masses with the believers, however, there can only be instrumental music.

5. We recommend that priests find people to help them follow the instructions and for believers find a place in a church.

6. The following instructions of the SBC of December 18 2020, should also be observed during worship services: