EUR 228,684.00 raised at Klic dobrote Charity Concert 2020

25.11.2020 Ljubljana Dobrodelnost, Karitas

With this year's jubilee 30th charity concert Call of Kindness for families in need, which took place on Wednesday, November 25, 2020, Caritas Slovenia marked the 30th anniversary of the organized form of Caritas in Slovenia.

A live broadcast brought people who love music and love to help, to television screens and radio sets. This year, the primary purpose of the charity concert was again to raise funds to help Slovenian families in need. For this purpose, EUR 228,684.00 was raised by the end of the show and immediately after the show. The fundraising campaign for families in need will continue until the end of the year.

"This year's motto I hear you, is an encouragement to all of us to be able to listen carefully to everyone who comes to us in their distress and actually to hear them. Despite the limitations, there are many opportunities to respond to people's plight. You can stop at someone house and talk over the balcony, you can call the lonely regularly and ask them if they need anything, you can calm down people who have mental health problems and are not able to handle various limitations. Thank you also for all the gifts that will alleviate the plight of Slovenian families" stated Peter Tomažič, Secretary-General of Slovenian Caritas.

Pope Francis congratulated Slovenian Caritas on the jubilee Klic dobrote charity concert. We could see and hear him in the video address. We are publishing a translation. The Holy Father is talking about the 40th anniversary; however, today's Klic dobrote was the 30th.

"Dear brothers and sisters, on the occasion of the fortieth charity concert of the Slovenian Caritas Klic dobrote, I greet you and thank you for the cultural activity you perform for Caritas. Thank you very much. 40 years! It takes patience. I pray for you and wish you a successful concert. Let this year's Klic dobrote go a step further, also for the unity in the Church and your nation. Where there is no unity, dear brothers and sisters, there is no spirit of the Lord. The Lord always looks for unity. However, it does not mean monotony as everyone has their virtues, charisma and character, but always in the spirit of unity. We must not be sectarian and against each other. We must not be people of parties, but one. May this concert express the harmony of unity among you. May God bless you and pray for me."

Caritas Slovenia would like to thank all the benefactors, companies and individuals who will bring warmth to homes of many families. A sincere thank you to all the performing singers and musicians. Irena Vrčkovnik, Simona Vodopivec Franko, Damjana Golavšek, Nuška Drašček and Gašper Rifelj encouraged us to express our kindness and solidarity with 20,000 families in need, whom Caritas helps in various assistance programs. From the studio in Ljubljana, Bernarda Žarn and Jure Sešek hosted the event in the company of young Caritas volunteers, scouts and families who received phone calls.

We would also like to thank all the radio stations, newspapers and web portals throughout Slovenia, which spread the word about the charity concert in November and invited us to the event. The names of the media are published at

The charity campaign Klic dobrote will take place until the end of 2020.