Bishop Dr Peter Štumpf Visits Monošter

11.10.2021 Porabje, Monošter Zamejci in izseljenci, Kultura, Laiki, Škofija Murska Sobota
Škof dr. Peter Štumpf na obisku v Monoštru

On Monday, October 11, 2021, the Bishop of Murska Sobota, Msgr Dr Peter Štumpf, visited the seat of the Consulate General in Monošter at the invitation of the Consul General of the Republic of Slovenia, Mrs Metka Lajnšček.

In his visit, he was joined by priests who help with the pastoral care of Slovenes in Porabje, Msgr Franc Režonja, bishop's vicar for nationalities; Markovci parish priest Dejan Horvat and Dolenjska parish priest Vili Hribernik. The Consul General presented to the bishop and the priests the current position of Slovenes in Porabje, their efforts to preserve the Slovene culture and the importance of the Catholic Church in maintaining ethnic and religious identity in Porabje. There was also a conversation about educating children and young people in the Slovene language. The necessity of teaching religious education in Slovene was again emphasized, which means a broader activity, in the sense of animating a responsible and competent pedagogue who will address young people for religious and cultural values.

It is also a turning point for Slovenians in Porabje. It is necessary to implement the plans as soon as possible regarding the religious pedagogue. The Consul General invited the bishop and priests to visit the editorial board of the Porabje Newspaper, the Slovenian Radio Monošter and Slovenian umbrella organizations. The bishop and the priests had a long conversation with the representatives of the Slovenian institutions. They noted the greater attention of the Hungarian and Slovenian states to facilitate social and cultural activities in this area. Due to greater efficiency in operations, a similar meeting in a broader ethnic composition will soon follow.