Congratulations of Archbishop Stanislav Zore to Bishop of Novo mesto Andrej Saje

Mr Msgr Dr Andrej Saje,

Holy Father Francis appointed you Bishop of the diocese of Novo mesto on the day we remember the first martyrs of the Church of Rome. Your appointment is the fruit of prayers and petitions made by the people of God of the Diocese of Novo mesto to the good God in anticipation of their new pastor. I firmly believe that prayers will not cease with either appointment or consecration. People will continue to bring you before God so He, through you and your service, can lead them on the paths of eternal life to the lush pastures.

The bishops of other Slovenian dioceses and deserving bishops, forming the Slovenian Bishops' Conference, will also help you. Your contribution will undoubtedly be precious, as you are an experienced lawyer, establishing yourself as a Secretary-General of the Slovenian Bishops' Conference, as a judge and judicial vicar of the Metropolitan Ecclesiastical Court in Ljubljana, as well as a professor of Church law at the Faculty of Theology. At the same time, I thank you for the contribution we have received in your conscientious performance of previous services. In the future, too, the kingdom of God will grow through our cooperation, each contributing their gift.

Dear Bishop, on my behalf and behalf of the Slovenian Bishops' Conference, I congratulate you on your appointment, looking forward to your cooperation and promising our fraternal support and prayer.

By the powerful intercession of the diocesan patron St. Joseph, by the kindness of the patron saint of the cathedral, St. Nicholas and under the protection of the Mother of God of Zaplaz, may all your work be to the greater glory of God.

Msgr Stanislav Zore,

Metropolitan Archbishop of Ljubljana and President of SBC