Caritas Helps Fight the Spread of HIV and AIDS Patients Around the World

1.12.2020 Slovenija Karitas, Zdravje
s. Vesna Hiti v zdravstvenem centru v Burundiju

Summary: The COVID-19 pandemic threatens the progress the world has made over the past 20 years in the fight against HIV. Caritas Internationalis has been working to fight AIDS for three decades. Caritas Slovenia is part of these efforts, supporting the operation of health centres in Africa in cooperation with Slovenian missionaries.

Translation: Caritas Slovenia is also active in this field. In health centres in Africa, supported by Caritas Slovenia in cooperation with Slovene missionaries with the help of For the Heart of Africa campaign and with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia and the Mission Center, health workers help people living with HIV and AIDS by testing, medicines and food. Regular preventive health education for the population is in place to prevent new infections. Caritas Slovenia also helps those infected with HIV and AIDS through With Work to a Dignified Life campaign and the monthly gift of Slovenian donors. Through this campaign, AIDS-stricken parents in Rwanda and Burundi got jobs otherwise tough to get for people living with HIV. In this way, they can make a living for their families as well as themselves. What is especially important for patients is that they regularly eat because without food, antiretroviral drugs do not work, and they are fragile. Since HIV-infected people are involved in Work as part of a decent work program and earn a living, they also feel more worthy and useful. For the first time, they dared to talk about their problems in their groups.